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The Music Apperception Test (MAT) Kit provides all the materials needed for administration of the MAT. The test may be employed for a variety of purposes. Uses vary from evaluation for quickness, fluency, emotional sensitivity, and imagination to personality assessment. The kit is comprised of a compact disk (CD), two manuals, and test forms. The MAT CD includes the Standard, Extended, and Short Forms of the MAT with optional pre-recorded instructions. Two manuals are included: The MAT Manual provides guidance for use of the test, definition of MAT measures, and preliminary norms. The MAT Supplement reviews the background, research, and theory that inspired the MAT. Also included is a package of 10 MAT Record Forms. Purchasers of Starter Kit also receive access to the Digital Version of the MAT.  Purchasers are authorized to copy files from the CD to an audio device for portability, research, or test administration. The Kit provides all the materials needed for hand scoring and interpretation, and includes the MAT Brief Bag for handy carrying and storage. The Kit includes a limited time offer of a free introductory webinar to MAT use and interpretation. US $159.00. Free Shipping.

The Music Apperception Test (MAT) Kit Digital Version provides MP3 copies of the pre-recorded instructions, the Standard, Extended, and Short Forms of the MAT, including PDF versions of the MAT Manual, MAT Supplement, and the MAT Record Forms. The purchaser receives the same package as the regular MAT Kit except for the MAT Brief Bag. The Digital Version includes a limited time offer of a free introductory seminar to MAT use and interpretation. US $89.00



Music Apperception Test Manual: 113 pages, 53 Tables. Topics include the MAT range of application, test administration, use of the Standard, Extended and Short forms, scoring latency and fluency, codification of content, evaluating “emotional fit” and narrative style, with examples of codification. The Manual includes norms for response latency, fluency, and content derived from children, adolescents, and adults.  ISBN 978-0-9791160-1-8. US $38.00 Postage included.




Music Apperception Test Supplement: Background, Theory, & Interpretation (Available for general distribution) 103 pages, 31 Tables. Topics include review of earlier versions, theory and rationale for the MAT, music clusters, illustrative responses by composition, empirical and clinical observations pertaining to MAT ratio scale measures, content, narrative style, and defense. ISBN 978-0-9791160-2-5. US $28.00 Postage included.




MAT Compact Disk: The disk includes two prerecorded set of instructions, one with a story example taken from Peter and the Wolf, another without a story example, the Standard Test (10 compositions), the Extended Test (12 compositions), Short Form Test A (4 compositions), Short Form Test B (4 compositions), and the 12 individual compositions. The Standard, Extended, Short Form A, and Short Form B tests are administered separately and once selected run continuously with a 30 silent period between each composition. US $59.00 Postage included.




MAT Record Form, 8 pages, (Package of 20). The MAT record form permits recording and summary of indices for the MAT standard or extended tests.  ISBN 0-9791160-0-1. US $38.00 Postage included.



Inquire about discounts for purchase of three or more MAT Starter Kits. Purchasers may qualify for purchase and order by credit card or PayPal or may call 415-413-3489. If you call, please leave a message and convenient times for a return call.


Executive & Personnel Appraisal. The primary problems in the workforce often do not involve competence to perform specialized tasks but involve communication and interpersonal relations. Psychodiagnostics can help you avoid costly mistakes.  Psychodiagnostics offers interviews and testing for selection of personnel where quickness, fluency, empathy, and imagination are important for effective performance. Interviews and assessment are available at our office or by arrangement. Call for information.

Training: Psychodiagnostics offers a two hour interactive training for use and interpretation of the MAT. Each webinar is limited to 8 participants (4 minimum), so individual questions receive personal attention. Contact Psychodiagnostics for days and times. US $120.00

Scoring Services: Contact Psychodiagnostics for fees. Psychodiagnostics provides scoring of MAT Standard, Extended, or Short Form Tests by email. Users of the service send an email attachment with transcribed protocols as text or word documents to Psychodiagnostics Services. Transcribed protocols are scored and interpreted by return email, usually within 5 working days (Contact psychodiagnostics for details).