MAT features are not duplicated by alternative tests.

The MAT weds performance and projective testing to yield a synergy of measurement-oriented and dynamic approaches to understanding human behavior.

Wide Age Range

• The Music Apperception Test (MAT) engages the interest of children from as young as five years old, adolescents, and adults.

Ease of Delivery

The MAT requires only an MP3 device, portable speaker, and recorder.

Special Needs

The MAT is one of few performance-based personality tests suitable for the blind and partially sighted.

Real-time Evaluation

• Narrative (story telling) to a changing stimulus permits assessment of attentiveness and sensitivity to real-time change.

Stress Testing

• The MAT features increased dissonance and cacophony as the test progresses to provide an opportunity to observe response to uncertainty.

Standardized Administration

Administration time for the Standard Test, including instructions, is 21 minutes, and for the Short Forms A or B, 8 minutes. The test has standardized prerecorded instructions and is the same length for all subjects

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The Music Apperception Test (MAT) is an individually administered test of verbal ability, emotion recognition, and fantasy production. Prerecorded instructions with an example invite respondents to “tell a story to the music.” Twelve brief compositions based upon psychological theory and research represent primary emotions. The emotions range from “interest” and “joy” to “terror” and “disgust”. Each composition is followed by a standard silent period. The MAT includes pre-formatted short, standard, and extended versions for evaluation, assessment, and research. The short-form A or B may be administered in less than eight minutes. Respondents display dramatic individual differences in speed of response, fluency, pace of speech, content, voice, narrative style, and “emotional fit” to music. These facets of response relate to developmental maturity, psychological status, and life experience. 


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