The MAT is useful for selection of creativity and interpersonal style of communication.

“The MAT [Music Apperception Test] provides a veritable playground for the psychological, organizational, or educational researcher. The test is a very attractive alternative to paper-and-pencil tests or other static measures of personality, creativity, emotional maturity, leadership, adaptability, sociability, and response to stress.” In Spies, R. A., Geisinger, K. F., & Carlson, J. F. (Eds.). (2010). The eighteenth mental measurements yearbook. Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements.

The Music Apperception Test allows easy portability and set-up.

The MAT requires only an MP3 device, portable speaker, and recorder for easy portability.




The Music Apperception Test (MAT) is an individually administered test of verbal ability, fantasy production, and emotion recognition. Prerecorded instructions with an example invite respondents to “tell a story to the music.” Twelve compositions based upon psychological theory and research represent primary emotions. The emotions range from “interest” and “joy” to “terror” and “disgust”. Each composition is followed by a standard silent period. The MAT includes pre-formatted short, standard, and extended versions for evaluation, assessment, and research. The short-form A or B may be administered in less than eight minutes.

The MAT is one of few performance-based personality tests suitable for the blind and partially sighted.



Respondents display dramatic individual differences in latencies, fluency, pace of speech, content, voice, narrative style, “emotional fit” to music, and measures of defense. In addition to its usefulness for clinical assessment, clinical experience demonstrates that the MAT is a great “ice-breaker” for clinical assessment and intervention with children and adolescents.

MAT features are not readily duplicated by alternative tests. The MAT weds performance and projective testing to yield a synergy of measurement-oriented and dynamic approaches to understanding human behavior.

Qualified Purchasers order on line or call 702-997-2566 to qualify and order the MAT  (See FYI Page for qualifications). Psychodiagnostics provides coding and evaluation of MAT results.

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