Introduction to the Music Apperception Test

This slide presentation provides an acquaintance with the Music Apperception Test. The presentation introduces music as a stimulus for feeling and emotion, and how music was composed for the MAT to elicit primary emotions. The basic measures are defined with narrative examples.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning with the Music Apperception Test

van den Daele, L.D. & Robinson, M. (2010). Diagnosis and treatment planning. Symposium on the Music Apperception Test: Neuropsychology, Development, and Design of the MAT. San Jose: Society for Personality Assessment Annual Conference.

The Embodied Narratives of Professional Dancers to the Music Apperception Test

A sample of adult professional dancers who commenced dance training at or before age 12 provided narratives to the MAT. As a group, dancers were faster to respond, more fluent, and highly accurate in their emotional response to the emotion portrayed by MAT music. These slides provide narrative examples of their rich and colorful narratives.