Apr 27

Award for Research in Psychological Assessment: Closing Date is December 31st, 2016

The Psychodiagnostics Biennial Award for Research in Psychological Assessment emphasizes individual, performance-based measures of cognition of personality. Also known as idiographic instruments, such measures elicit individual responses, unique to the person, that link to implicit emotion, cognition, and motivation, often unavailable to consciousness. Representative tests include the Rorschach, the Music Apperception Test, the World Test, the Thematic Apperception Test, the Adult Attachment Inventory, among others.
• Eligible entries include journal articles presented or published during 2015-2016 that employ one or more ideographic measures. Measures may be among the representative tests cited above or analogous instruments.
• Eligible entries employ original research or meta-analysis. Studies may be quantitative or qualitative, large or small n.
• Entries are evaluated for design, clarity, originality, creativity, and contribution to psychological research, theory, or treatment.
• Particular attention is paid to how the research illuminates relations among implicit emotional, cognitive, and personality factors that affect behavior, productivity, and well-being.
Judges are doctoral-level psychologists with research and assessment expertise in ideographic measures in psychology. The Award winner will receive 250 dollars and an engraved plaque in recognition of outstanding contribution to research in psychological assessment. The winner will be announced within 60 days of closing of submissions. An abstract and link to the winning paper will be posted at www.sychodiagnostics.com. Press releases that announce the winner will be forwarded to professional and national media.
Closing date for submission is December 31st, 2016. Entries may be submitted electronically as PDF or Microsoft Word attachments. Use the “Contact” form at www.psychodiagnostics.com to briefly describe your submission. Psychodiagnostics will provide you with the email address for attachment of your entry.